Here is a brief outline of how the production process works when you intergrate a live video character in your presenation, start to finish

  • A conference call or in-person meeting is arranged with the presenter(s) and others responsible for the presentation content. A general background of the company is discussed as well as the makeup of the audience and the agenda. Reviewing the presentation content will help the writer to understand the messages and get to know a little bit about the speaker’s style and reputation within the company. Lastly, plans are made for a first draft of the presentation(s)

  • The funnybusiness writer reviews the first draft with the presenter either in-person or by phone.  They discuss possible appearances for the video character and decide on the best times for the character to appear for an interaction withthe presenter during the live presentation.

  • The funnybusiness writer prepares scripted interactions between presenter(s) and the video character.  The drafts are submitted to the presenter(s) and proper channels for review.  In some cases a conference call to review the scripts is scheduled.  Edits may be suggested and communicated to the writer.

  • The funnybusiness writer makes any suggested edits to the drafts for final review.  Scripts are reviewed and approved.  Scripts are distributed to the presenter(s) and all other company personnel involved in the onsite presentation.  Including a teleprompter operator.  

  • Rehearsals of the interactions between the character and presenter(s) are performed onsite.

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