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About Us

We offer customized animated cartoon characters that can be performed live in person or pre-recorded. The cartoon character appears in a presentation and keeps the audience engaged with lively interaction about important topics (based on your input). All along he'll be saying what's on the audiences's mind. The character becomes the "Voice of the Audience", so to speak.

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Our strengths

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  • We have over 25 years of experience in corporate events. Including meetings, training and trade shows.
  • We've participated in presentations with over 125 companies in 12 different industries
  • We are the world leader in live animation.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Professional comedy writers spealizing in business writing
  • Professional voice actors

Rave Reviews

"Our audience loved having a voice!"
"Being interactive really made the presentations come alive!"
"The character helped make it an effecitve way to discuss serious topics with some humor!"
"The cartoon character made it our most memorable event ever. Too funny!"
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funnybusiness characters are irreverent, irritating, outrageous, hysterically funny and sometimes out of bounds...then why have so many companies like BMW,  Juniper Networks, ADP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, IBM, ExxonMobil and Price Waterhouse Coopers and so many others loved having one at their events? Simply put...IT ALWAYS WORKS!
Characters can appear live at an event or in pre-recorded video. And can speak any language of your choice from pre-recorded audio.


Hi. I'm Michael Fischette. Founder of funnybusiness productions. 

Please get in touch so we can talk about how funnybusinesscan customize the use of our animation technique for your presentation. It's cost effective, memorable and a great way to engage your audience. always works!! 

Book now and receive a 15% discount!

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