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Our strengths

We love to colloraborate!  We want your input and direction and then we'll offer our best solutions for using an interactive video character in your presentatition. You’ll get our vast experience to help develop the best role for your character to play so the audience can identify with what he’s saying.  And, of course, humor is used to help re-enforce key messages which will make them more memorable.

Script Writing

Our writers are highly skilled in both business and comedy writing and will help you communicate your messages in the way they were intended. Careful attention is paid to the best way for a video character to be integrated into your presentation. Where and when the character appears is key. Our writers know how to add a humorous spin on a topic without taking away from the seriousness of the message. 

Voice acting

Portraying a character as the "voice of the audience" requires a special talent. The performer is separated from the audience by quite a distance but must develop a connection. For that reason...many of our performers come to us from the world of broadcasting. Talent that is accustomed to the separation from an audience. All our perfomrers are also writers and have a flair for comedy which makes them a great fit for any project.
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