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1.    Humor helps hold your audience’s attention and keeps them awake!
2.    Humor helps your audience relax, too!
3.    When an audience laughs together it becomes a unifying force for the team or audience.
4.    Different people learn in different ways and adding humor is just one more way to incorporate a new style or approach.
5.    Studies also suggest that relevant humor improves the credibility of the presenter.
6.    Humor helps build a rapport with the audience.
7.    Humor can make complex topics (please see, “macroeconomics”) less intimidating.
8.    Humor helps change peoples perspective on a topic.
9.    Humor leaves people feeling more positive and upbeat.
10.    Humor helps you be humble which is key if you are going to deliver a 
great talk and have people buy the 'messenger' so that they buy the message.


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